Physiotherapy - The Divine Healing Touch

Pre Cut

Pre Cut feature of our K Tape saves your Time of cutting & measurement. It readily gives you 25cm strips, resulting into faster & consistant application.

Corners Pre Rounded

Our K Tape comes with its strip corners Pre Rounded. This saves your Time & Efforts and result in faster, constant application. It also helps the tape to be in position for longer time and avoid peeling off, as peel off starts from corners only.

Back Grid Marked

Our K Tape comes with Printed Grid at back. This help you in giving different shapes to the tape and also in charging your patient accurately & easily.


Intended for Active Use in Sports, Work, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy & Rehabilitation, the material used in our K Tape is Water Repellent.

Japanese Skin Safe Technology

The Acrylic Adhesive used in our K Tape is made in Japan. It is Skin Safe, Hypoallergenic Anti-Allergic. The tape is Latex Free & Zinc Free.

CE Certified

Our K Tape is CE Certified i.e. Certified for Europe. This certification is the international confirmation of our Cutting edge technology, Best material, Precise manufacturing, Consistant production, High quality control & Quality assurance.

Biomimic Stretchability

Our K Tape mimic the Human Skin with Stretchability of 170%, exactly. Not more. Not less. The perfect one. The tape material is 97% Cotton & 3% Spandex.